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New Tenants

New Tenants

You Can Send Us Your Application By:

  • Faxing it to us at anytime to: 302-378-3942
  • Scanning it and e-mailing it to: WeRentDE@gmail.com
  • Dropping it off in person to: 4 Crawford St.

Download Application

There is an non-refundable application fee of $55.00 It can be paid over the phone with a Visa or M/C or in person at the office.

School Feeder Patterns

For Delaware School District Feeder Patterns Click Here
Just simply put in the address of the property you are interested in and find out what school district your in.


There are three things we look at when renting to someone

  1. Rental History
    • If you are currently renting you will need to be current on your rent. We cannot work with anyone that has a landlord judgement unless it is paid off and there is proof that it is paid in full.
  2. Work History
    • Must be at the same job for a year.
  3. Credit
    • No unpaid landlord judgements
    • It is not always based on credit. As long as your work history and rental history is strong.

We require you to view the property in person before submitting an application.

Application Information

In order to complete the application process we will need the following.

  • Application Fee of $55.00 Non-Refundable*
  • Income Verification – 2 of your most recent pay stubs or a W-2. If you are self- employed, we would need your prior year's tax return
  • Personal ID – A Copy of your Current Drivers License

Application Approval Process

The application process can take a minimum 2-4 business days. Once the application process has been completed, the information is then presented to the owner of the property for the final decision to approve or deny an application. One way to strengthen your application would be with a co-signer.

Once Approved

In order to reserve the rental unit and take it off the market, we must receive a security deposit which is equal to one month's rent. The deposit needs to be in the form of money order, certified check, or bank check.

Lease signing

At lease signing you will need to bring the rest of your monies due in the form of money order, certified check or bank check.

Realtor Referral Form

Download Realtor Referral Form